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Partner with your Body to Heal

February 12 - December 31

$25 – $600

Living in pain is like trying to get through the day with a heavy weight on your back.  It limits your ability to enjoy activities and in turn creates a cycle where your body feels like it is not under your control, leaving you exhausted from not only the symptoms but your search for a solution.  Don’t be limited by any diagnosis because your recovery is unique to you. It is time to take control of your health again, and did you know that the most powerful tool you have to heal is your brain? If medicines, injections, surgeries have not been able to decrease your pain over the years,  a big factor that is missing is the pain processing signals that need to be addressed in both the brain and tissues. The addition of neuroscience education to exercise, activities, manual therapy enhances these treatments so that they can treat chronic pain because the correct role of the brain is restored.

Each program is created just for you and your needs but the FOUR sessions are 90 MINUTES and will include the following and much more!

Session 1:  Understand the anatomy and physiology of why you are in pain. Learn how to create a bridge between your primitive brain and frontal lobe with a body scan/breathing technique.

Session 2: Discover practical pain recovery strategies and why they are effective in different scenarios.Gain conscious control of brain/pain signaling again though specific brain exercises to harness the power of your frontal lobe.

Session 3:  Continue with pain problem solving techniques specific to your activities that help you regain function one step at a time.  Make choices to decrease chronic inflammation and increase strength of the immune system through nutrition and supplement education, manual therapy, and combination of Eastern and Western healing principles.

Session 4:  Apply neuroscience to an individualized program to restore your movement patterns, endurance, flexibility and strength and return to doing what you love!


Four-90 min sessions = $600 total

 (or 4 payments at $150 each)

20 minute phone consultation =$25 or FREE to current patients

Please read FAQs below for additional info


To schedule your free consult Email or Text you name and phone number to:

Irene Luc, PT, DPT, OCS, TPS




How do I know if this program is right for me?

We ask all participants to have a willingness to learn, create time and space to apply their new skills in their lives, and open mind to making changes to their habits.    Curious? Pay for a no obligation phone consultation to learn more. Details below.

Can I still be on medication and be part of this program?

Absolutely.  We do not take your off your pain relief strategies until you feel you are ready and we partner with your other health care providers to help you.


How is this different that regular Physical Therapy?

The foundation of the program are the skills of a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)  who is specialized in orthopedics and treats conditions of the spine, nerves, joints, and muscles and also has an additional certification as a Therapeutic Pain Specialist (TPS) taught by the world’s foremost leaders in neuroscience research and application.   This combination of skills allows us to see your pain from a more holistic viewpoint and not just treat the tissue or just the brain; we need to of restore both to good health. As of 2019, Therapy Solutions is the only clinic in  Tri-Cities that offers this unique and comprehensive program.  We are happy to partner with others teams to help people recover from pain.


Is it covered by my insurance?

The holistic nature of the program is beyond the scope of just physical therapy as we offer nutritional and supplementation counseling, wellness  coaching, behavior and habit modification training. As a cash-based program, we can truly discover the source of where the pain signals need to be corrected and offer a more global approach to healing  without the constraints of insurance protocols



February 12
December 31
$25 – $600


irene luc


Therapy Solutions
1455 Columbia Park Trail, #102
Richland, WA 99352 United States
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Unlimited available 4 session package, in full $600.00
Unlimited available Initial payment (25%) $150.00