Pranayama and Meditation

Meditation and breathing have many benefits from reducing pain, improving mood and more. Meditation with breathing, known as dharana and pranayama, is a part of yoga. Yoga offers time tested tools for meditation and breathing. This class will offer inner exploration and chanting for enjoying the journey.

Yoga describes 8 layers of practice to find spiritual absorption.  Right actions toward others, right actions toward self, purifying the body temple, inner energy explorations, disconnecting from sense distraction, holding awareness inwardly, Meditation and spiritual absorption (in the flow, in the groove, in the zone, in the now).  For beginners, meditation comes or doesn’t come.  In this class, we practice tools to learn for daily practice on the journey toward meditation.  We will use breathing techniques for inner energy exploration and chanting for cultivating heartfelt desire for freedom.  Please arrive with an empty stomach.

Class meets Thursdays from 6:00- 7:15 pm for 6 weeks. Cost includes 5 classes. You can miss 1 week out of the 6 or  come to 1 free.