⏰ Time Has Come Today and Postural Awareness

And here we are in July. I am just amazed at how quickly this year is going. I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine where we were talking about how some aspects of our lives seem so long ago and others feel like yesterday. Then we continued to discuss how certain historial events act like a time stamp in our brains and that these stamps seem to change you forever. Despite what seems to be an infinite resource, time is all about perspective. Some believe it to be linear, others believe it to be cyclical. How do you measure time? Why does time seem to be so important to us?

We are going to continue to highlight the videos that we have on our YouTube page and this week we are going to focus on how to use posture to improve body awareness. This video emphasizes how we can use a door to assess where our body likes to position itself. The “gold standard” is to be able to touch all points of our body on the door, however, for the majority of us, that is not possible. Not being able to reach the “gold standard” is totally ok! Just because there is a deviation from the normal doesn’t mean you are doomed for pain or dysfunction. I think the most important aspect of this video is to acknowledge that we can use posture as a tool to assess how we are currently holding our body and that if it feels uncomfortable, then we can change it!