💧 Be Like Water 💧 and Three Tiered Breathing

I’m hitting some writer’s block this week. Life is hard right now, I know I am not the only one feeling this, and it is taking a lot of bandwidth in my brain and body. When I’ve been talking to my patient this week, word finding has been difficult when providing education. When it’s time to move my body for my health, light exercise or yard work has overrided my usual desire to lift heavy weights. It’s another reminder to continue keeping boundaries and listen to my body. I listened to a recent podcast episode from The Happiness Lab talking about the teachings of Daoism and how we should live like water… able to flow around bends in a slow manner but behind the slow speed is a wall full of power.

The Happiness Lab Podcast

This is actually a great segway… SURPRISE… Therapy Solutions is going to be releasing a podcast! We have recorded a few episodes and it is now in the editing phases. We will let you know when it will launch.

We are going to continue to highlight the videos that we have on our YouTube page and this week we are going to focus on 3 tiered breathing.