6 Steps to Manage Swelling

Here are the top 6 techniques that we suggest to manage swelling… no matter if it is due to lymphedema, lipedema, surgery, or autoimmune issues.

  • Hydration (this seems to be a common trend in our clinical guidelines)
  • Compression (this can be custom garments, over the counter garments, external devices)
  • Nutrition (we suggest an anti-inflammatory approach… remember the 80/20 rule)
  • Exercise (whatever form of exercise you enjoy, thats the perfect one for you. just make sure to not over-do the exercise and listen to your body’s needs)
  • Body work (self-manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), MLD by a professional, dry-brushing, tapping/rebounding)
  • Skin care (making sure sores and wounds are taken care of, using appropriate lotions)

If you believe you are stuggling with swelling (to be honest, most of us have some form of a swelling issue) or you feel you are struggling with following these 6 techniques, you could set up a virtual consult with one of our specialists to assess your needs. Contact info@therapy.mystagingwebsite.com for more info.