All Things Perimenopause

We are finishing our 2021 with a discussion surrounding perimenopause! In our 11th episode from the Rehab Within Reach Podcast, Dr. Sara Nelson, PT, DPT and Dr. Chrissy Clark, PT, DPT discuss:

🤔What is perimenopause and when does it start?

Refers to the time during which your body makes the natural transition to menopause

Sometime in your 40’s but can start as early as mid-30’s

🤔What are signs and symptoms?

Irregular periods

Hot flashes

Sleep problems

Mood changes

Vaginal and bladder problems

Changes in sexual function

Risk of osteoporosis

Changing cholesterol levels

🤔How to manage symptoms?

Meds (not all are created equal, sometimes we need a little extra help at times)

Vaginal creams

Healthy diet

Perform weight-bearing exercises

Improve sleep hygiene

Limit alcohol and caffeine

Practice meditation or other stress management techniques

Quit smoking








Hormone testing to see levels for estrogen, progesterone, FSH, thyroid, cortisol

Bayan Botanicals

Dr. Brighten