Anatomy and Function of the Core

Join us for our 6th episode!! This week we are discussing the core’s anatomy and function. As always, there is more to the story than just the muscles 😀. Topics include:

🥇Anatomy and function of core

🥇Other muscles that contribute to the core

🥇How pregnancy changes the core

🥇How the diaphragm and pelvic floor are connected

🥇Other techniques to coordinate the diaphragm and pelvic floor besides breathing

🥇The relationship of the core in weight lifting—> valsalva maneuver

🥇The relationship of the core in Gyrotonic—> pelvic narrowing and pelvic floor lifting

🥇Energetic awareness of our core

🥇How to push a baby out during childbirth by using breathing and pelvic floor expansion (requires vulnerability)

🥇Abdominal gripping

🥇Psoas (hip flexor) shortening, hip rotators are stabilizers

🥇How the core is affected by lipedema and Ehler’s Danlose

🥇How to activate the core

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