Being Reminded of the Ebb and Flow of Life and Breath Awareness

Oh man… life can change in such an instant. And not even in an oh shoot kind of way; just the ebb and flow of life can show up more drastically than other times. This recent, quick change has surely messed up my appetite and my sleep, therefore, recognizing this allows me to bump up my self-care in those areas. For instance, last night I used a lavendar spray and a sleep meditation to help calm my nervous system so I could fall asleep. And during the day, I made sure to give space for choosing meals that were both nutritious and emotionally comforting. In the past, I would have beaten myself up in my head over and over again because I wasn’t sure what to do or if I made a choice to soothe myself, I would shame myself for that choice. I think this growth in myself is a mix of a few things; therapy, getting older, and working in an environment that allows for self-discovery and centering.

We are going to continue to highlight the videos that we have on our YouTube page and this week we are going to focus on breath awareness. It’s amazing how simple breathing is but yet it is difficult to “master” in times of stress and discomfort.