Applied Neuroscience Program: Brain and Body Retraining for Pain, Trauma, and Focus

Do you feel limited in your ability to:

-enjoy activities because your body hurts?

-connecting with people or controlling your emotions ? 

– handle your current life situations because your past continues to have a negative effect?

-focus or remember things/situations due to a medical condition/stress? 

-fall asleep or sleep through the night? 

The signaling between the brain and body is very complex and set before you were born. Disease, stress, and trauma can create a cycle where your body feels like it is not under your control, leaving you exhausted from not only the symptoms but your search for a solution.  Don’t be limited by any diagnosis because your recovery is unique to you. It is time to take control of your health again. Did you know that the most powerful tool you have to heal is your brain?  

What is Applied Neuroscience?  A unique speciality developed by Dr. Irene Luc is a combination of a traditional orthopedic exam of the body with neuroscience treatment of the brain. It includes:

  • Brain exercises for memory and focus
  • Myofascial release and lymphatic care 
  • Cranial nerve assessment and treatment 
  • Activity modifications and habit coaching
  • Neurofeedback assessment and treatment of brain (Fall 2020)

This program teaches you how to make new feedback loops in the brain while creating new routines to decrease fight/flight/freeze responses,  chronic pain, and inflammation. It is not just the muscle, joints, or organs causing the problem. If you want to take control of your health,  then start at what controls all the body processes— the brain. 

What can Applied Neuroscience help with?

  • Chronic pain 
  • Sleep disorders
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Trauma related health conditions
  • Developmental conditions involving focus or memory 
  • Injuries or conditions involving the brain
  • Altered nerve sensations or nerve pain 
  • Mental acuity training for athletes, students, and businesses

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Dr. Irene Luc is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and board-certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, as well as a certified Therapeutic Pain Specialist.  She has been in practice since 2002 treating arthritis/inflammatory conditions, scoliosis, post-surgical care, sports/work injuries, autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain. She joined the team at Therapy Solutions in 2019 as the Director of Professional Resources and Marketing while treating patients and creating community programs. Dr. Irene desires to see people take control of their health and she addresses complex medical cases with compassion and dignity to helps her patients restore their bodies and lives.