Casual Updates and Check Ins #2

Happy Episode 16! Today, Sara and Chrissy are having another casual conversation surrounding three “ice breaker” questions that hit a little deeper. Topics include:

😌Reflecting on the Open To Your Authentic Self (OYAS) Retreat

😌Change is violent but it is not bad, it is inevitable and necessary

😌Why calling the retreat OYAS instead of “Best Year Yet”

😌How do you define friendship?

😌Friendship with friends versus family

😌What thoughts come to mind when you are relaxed? (This was a hard one for both of us 🤦‍♀️)

😌Pets and heart connections

😌Play time as adults

😌What are my responsibilities for the day? (it’s not what you think 😉)

😌Being calm versus numbing

😌Treatment of women and emotions in the past

😌What is important but not urgent on your to do list?

😌Connection versus production

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2 thoughts on “Casual Updates and Check Ins #2”

  1. I so enjoyed listening to this very important topic on How Do You Define Friendships? Lots of good stuff to take in and think about. How I needed to be reminded to slow down from all the busyness and have some Playtime as Adults! My husband and I are enjoying the beautiful outdoors and nature this weekend! Thank you for sharing!!

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