Change and Growth as Seen Through Kara’s Eyes

And just like that, we are almost through June. This month has been challenging to say the least. With the surge of COVID-19 cases in most places in the country, the very public civil rights movement for POC and queer people, and the ramping up of political campaigns… our nervous systems are in overdrive. Now is the time, more than ever, to continue listening to your body’s wants and needs. In most circumstances, your wants and needs at this time are going to be different compared to the past… and that is ok. Change is necessary, there is an eb and flow to life. How we define these changes and proceed to handle them is the difference between growth and stagnation.

This week is going to be a little different in the fact that we are celebrating physical therapy assistant and licensed massage pracitioner Kara Brown’s 10 year anniversary at Therapy Solutions!! We are so grateful to have her in the clinic where not only she has experienced growth, but the clinic has grown because of her. Here is a little note from her reflecting on her experience so far.

This July marks 10 years since starting my journey with Therapy Solutions. My educational pathway began with earning a massage therapy certification, followed by an Associates in Physical Therapist Assistant. As I pursued these degrees, learning all aspects of the profession, I knew manual therapy treatment was my calling. As graduation approached, I knew I was looking for a clinic that offered holistic care. That is when, at a job fair, I met a therapist from Therapy Solutions and her illustration of the clinic sounded too good to be true. 

I eventually made the trip from Spokane to the Tri-Cities and immediately after walking into Therapy Solutions I knew that this was my career home. I was exposed to alternative health in a whole new perspective as I learned additional skills including myofascial release, cranial sacral, visceral manipulation, and finally manual lymphatic drainage. My combined skills as a PTA and Massage Therapist has blended these techniques beautifully into quality patient care. 

I have become particularly fond of lymphedema treatment over the years working at Therapy Solutions. The guidance I give and immense compassion I feel for those undergoing and recovering from cancer treatment, as well as my love of the technique as it supports and heals the body, is so rewarding. 

A few years after working at the clinic, I made some major health changes and began a journey of healing. These changes were due to seeing holistic health in a new light, as my patients were making significant health improvements after following advice I had given along with the other therapist’s expertise in these specialized fields. Discovering that I too was battling a condition called Lipedema, motivated me to personally manage this condition and discover new health care techniques. My eyes have been opened and I am able to give compassionate guidance to my patients who are struggling with their own self-care in battling various conditions. 

I certainly did not foresee 10 years into my career that a pandemic would hit, however I’m blessed to be working with a caring and thoughtful team that has pushed through during this time. Together, we have created a plan that continues to offer quality care, with dedication to the public’s safety. 

When I hear patients talk about how much they love Therapy Solutions and what it stands for, I understand completely. Working here has changed my life as well. Therapy Solutions is my family and I look forward to the next decade working together to serve the community with outstanding expert care!

Kara Brown PTA/LMP