Creating Our Gaze of the World Based on Our Current Circumstances and Past Experiences

Happy episode 33! Shona, Sara, and Chrissy discuss how our gaze out into the world is created by the perceptions that are based on our current circumstances and past experiences in life… especially when dealing with feminine versus masculine energies.

Shona talks about how being a mom has changed her gaze concerning the multiple roles in her life while balancing self-care, future plans, and being present.

Sara talks about how her role as a PT and a business owner has changed depending on the community’s needs and insurance regulations. She also talks about how going off her thyroid medicine is opening up her gaze to the stress her body has been living under for years. As always, Sara asks the best questions!

Chrissy talks about her sabbatical and the physical and mental changes her body is experiencing due to slowing down in life.

As a heads up, there is a hint about the theme for the next Open To Your Authentic Self!

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