Functional Movement: Lunge

Our next series that we are going to dive into is about the different exercises that improve functional performance throughout the day. There are seven different types of movement that incomposes functional tasks and today we are going to talk about lunges. 

‚ÄčLunges are kind of lunge where the feet are more separated. Lunging is important for getting onto and off of the ground, placing pots and pans into lower cabinets, and tying your shoes. Sometimes lunges are scary because your balance is challenged and knee pain can increase because of the increased pressure, however, anything that we struggle with is something for us to improve on. Regarding the squat, we talked about how your knees are supposed to go over your toes. Regarding the lunge, it is recommended that the knee stays in line with the toes when going for higher volume or higher load. There are times when lunging over your toes is necessary but it should be in a controlled environment.