Functional Movement: The Hip Hinge

Our next series that we are going to dive into is about the different exercises that improve functional performance throughout the day. There are seven different types of movement that incomposes functional tasks and today we are going to talk about hinging. 

​A hip hinge is essential to lift objects off the floor, to bend over, and to put on your pants. There tends to be a fear of hinging due to concerns for hurting your back, however, the hinge is more about moving your hips and not your spine. Despite that the movement is mostly in the hips, our spines are resilient and are meant to bend, extend, lift, and twist. As we age, the hip hinge movement tends to get complicated because your bottom has to move backward as your chest comes forward which can feel a little off balance. Below is a video of the the hip hinge to try at home. There are many different types of hinges as well, this is just one standard. In the video, Dr. Long does seem to be speaking to weight lifters, however, the hip hinge is essential for everyone.