Functional Movement: The Squat

Our next series that we are going to dive into is about the different exercises that improve functional performance throughout the day. There are seven different types of movement that incomposes functional tasks and today we are going to talk about squatting. 

​Squatting is essential to get off the toilet, get in and out of the car, and play with your grandkids. There tends to be a fear of squatting due to balance concerns and difficulties with bending the knee. The first part of the squat is to make sure that you allow your bottom to move backwards to bring your trunk forward and then bend your knees to squat down. Now, this next statement may confuse or even make a few of you angry…. your knees have to go forward over your toes in order to perform a proper squat. I know, I know… many people have told you not to bring your knees over your toes, however, it is physically impossible to perform a full depth, healthy squat without bringing your knees over your toes. The knee’s full range of motion is 135 degrees of flexion and we are meant to tap into that full motion. Below is a video of the basic air squat to try at home. There are many different types of squats as well, this is just the standard squat.