Having the Hard Conversations Regarding Race Disparities Within Our Communities

Inside and outside of the clinic, the therapists and staff at Therapy Solutions have been having very tough, thoughtful, and necessary discussions concerning recent events in this country. We all understand the importance of the current siutation; there is tremendous data concerning the many disparities black and POC communities face regarding health care, housing, jobs, education, and law enforcement. We have been discussing what our role as a medical facility in the Tri-Cities community can be in the future to insure the gap between marginalized populations begins to lessen. At this time, we do not have a solid answer regarding this process, however, the conversation is active and we are respectfully listening, learning, and growing from each other and others in the community.

This week, we are going to give resources that uplift the voices of black people throughout the country regarding health care. We hope it gives a chance for others to learn and grow.Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis (psychologist, minister, and sacred artist) WEBSITE

Iron Roots Athlete (functional fitness enthusists) INSTAGRAM 

Dr. Shante Cofield aka The Movement Maestro (physical therapist, digital business guru) WEBSITE

The Pelvic Perspective (pelvic floor physical therapist) WEBSITE

Elijah Muhammad (functional fitness and Olympic lifting expert) WEBSITE

Chrissy King (writer, speaker, and creator of the Body Liberation Project) INSTAGRAM

Mama Glow and National Black Doulas (birth workers) INSTAGRAM and INSTAGRAM

Dr. Jennifer Hutton (pediatric physical therapist who is having a webinar tomorrow for Anti-Racism and Allyship for the Rehab and Movement Professional) INSTAGRAM

Dr. Uchenna “UC” Ossai (pelvic floor physical therapist and sex educator) WEBSITE

Faith Hunter (meditation and yoga instructor, founder and CEO of Embrace Om) WEBSITE