How Do You Express Joy?

So usually this email is prepared on Sunday night so that it can be sent to you all by Monday morning. Unfortunately, I did not write the email on Sunday because I didn’t feel like I really had anything important to say. I could talk about the Super Bowl but not everyone loves football. Or I could talk about how there are therapists and staff from the clinic who are now fully COVID vaccinated but it really doesn’t change how we conduct business at the clinic. It took me an extra day to figure out how to start this email with so here we are Monday night preparing the weekly newsletter!

​So earlier today I had told one of my patients that I was engaged to my partner… and she was so happy for me! She may have shown more expressed joy than I ever have since we have been engaged. Not because I am not excited or happy… seriously far from it. But, if you know me personally, I am sure that doesn’t really surprise any of you since I am a pretty even-keel kind of person; my emotions usually stay pretty level. But then I started to reflect on how often I have stopped myself from feeling and expressing joy around others and why that must be the case. Maybe it’s because I am perpetually thinking the “other shoe is going to drop” any time soon or because I don’t want attention spotlighted on me. So my goal for the next month is to try my best to express my joy to others. How do you express joy??