How the Body is a Doorway to Our Inner Landscape

Happy Episode 27! Sara, Shona, and Chrissy discuss how the body is a doorway to our inner landscape; one of the themes of this weekend’s Open to Your Authentic Self Retreat: Eye of the Storm. Topics include:

🧠Multiple paths to enlightenment

🧠There is no one way to do things

🧠Finding ease and peace in our life

🧠Alignment of body and linking breath with movement= flow state

🧠Have you ever thought “When is this going to be over”

🧠Chrissy’s unlearning of past habits

🧠Turning impact into flow

🧠CrossFit 10 Physical Skills:,agility%2C%20balance%2C%20and%20accuracy

🧠Finding the sexiness in the mundane

🧠How ego changes our goals and habits

🧠24 tattvas:

🧠Evolution of needs and movement

🧠Accessing the inner landscape through the weak link

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