How’s Your Sleep Been Lately?

Cheers to episode 14! Today, Shona, Sara, and Chrissy talk about how their sleep is going currently and how it has evolved throughout their adult years. We kept this episode casual like our last one and I think we are enjoying being able to give appropriate information while maintaining a more casual conversation… just like if we were chatting to you while on a coffee date. In this episode you will find:

😴Answering the question “how are you feeling”

😴Shona’s experiences with sleep as a new mom

😴Provocative topics regarding sleeping and being postpartum (you will hear some baby noises during this section 😍)

😴Dream feeding Taking Care of Babies (instagram)

😴How can a new mom sleep when the baby sleeps and still get things done around the house?

😴Not surprisingly we are still talking about that our culture doesn’t support new families

😴Being a care giver for adults and how that changes sleep too

😴Improving your sleep by using community resources (may have to ask a lot of people to find the right options)

😴Delayed health concerns can happen after removing a fight or flight response, aka, the big crash

😴Financial struggles when asking for help

😴Sleep is a disciplined behavior and how to improve sleep during your working years

😴Trying to keep a schedule, know that change is inevitable, and perfectionism isn’t the goal

😴Sleep quality is a reflection of our nervous system and our internal environment

😴Physical routine during the day and supplements that can help sleep at night (there is some background noise during this section)

😴Future topic to consider is sleep and pain

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