I Am Driving the Struggle Bus Today

Today, I asked for help. I (Christina) have been consistently writing this newsletter for a year and recently I have been starting to get a writer’s block…. that’s why the email lately has been reaching your inboxes on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. So, I reached out today for some help from others in the clinic. Not only does that help me personally, it also allows a variety of voices to be heard! I am so excited to have more collaboration in this newsletter; it will only make this experience richer for our followers. It took me a while to figure out why I was “slacking” so much on this newsletter. It wasn’t because I am unmotivated or unwilling to participate. After some reflection, I think I was just overwhelmed with everything I needed to get done in a day and this was one of the items off that list that I could set aside more often. We can even expand this concept beyond the work task list. We often have those one or two items on our ever growing to do list that just seems to be always pushed aside… exercising, drinking water, sleeping, showering, meditating, cleaning, etc. Maybe instead of thinking we are unmotivated to perform those tasks, what if we thought of it as a sign that we are overwhelmed and are physically unable to perform those tasks because our nervous system is on overdrive. Maybe this will take some pressure off of yourself and turn it into grace and compassion.