I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me…

Happy Episode 25! Sara, Shona, and Chrissy discuss what we wish people had told us to help us prepare for life events both personally and professionally. Topics include:

🧠Inspiration for this topic and background of The Vodder School International

🧠Medical system lacking options/info and is there a need for a medical manager

🧠Training of PCPs/surgeons versus rehab professionals

🧠Trying to solve the puzzle to improve health outcomes

🧠Trying to fit altruism of medicine into a capitalistic society

🧠Systems that we live in affect the availability of medical resources

🧠Change can be difficult due to personal beliefs being challenged

🧠Sara, Chrissy, and Shona share personal anecdotes

What are some things you wish people told you about before experiencing them yourself?

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