Lesson on Time and Hamstring Flexibility

Another month of 2020 has left us and a new one is beginning. I feel this year has definitely been measured more by actual time and not by significant events. But what is time, really? Sometimes, time feels slow and mundane. Other times, time feels chaotic and all consuming. I grapple with the idea of time. I find myself worshipping the clock so a specific situation ends or arrives quicker. Other times I find myself dreading the clock because I don’t like the idea of constantly being held to a made up construct for productivity. There are no words that wrap up this paragraph nicely in a “lesson on time”… just a free-form reflection from me.

This week, this section is a bit geared towards the CrossFit and other athlete populations, but it can be used by anybody! How many times have you stretched or foam rolled your hamstrings and they still feel tight?? Today, I am going to show you a different approach to hamstring “lengthening” by incorporating core stabilization and hip extension. Watch the video below for more details.

💡The first picture is a normal hamstring stretch. Hold for 30 seconds or longer. Make sure to relax your neck and shoulders.
💡Video one is a hamstring stretch of the affected leg (right leg) with an active straight leg raise of the unaffected leg (left leg). Make sure to have your core engaged on the lift and breathe.
💡Video two is an active straight leg raise of the affected leg (right leg) with more engagement of the core. In this video, I’m using a band that someone else is holding but you can also attach the band to a door behind you. If you don’t have a band, hold something heavy above your chest.
💡Video three is a single leg bridge of the unaffected leg (left leg) to promote end range hip ext.

Try these out and let us know how you do!