Let’s Talk About Plantar Fasciitis.

Many people have it, however, the overall management of plantar fasciitis seems to lack creativity from a medical standpoint. I always like to tell patients to “show some love” to their feet… rub them, move them, let them breathe outside of socks and shoes, and ground them in the grass.

Here is a list of possible reasons why you may have plantar fasciitis and techniques to help:

  • Plantar fascia tension
    • Try lightly rubbing your feet or rolling a tennis ball gently on the bottom of your feet
  • Decreased range of motion
    • Try writing the ABC’s with your ankles and lifting up your big toe
  • Decreased feet, calf, and hip strength
    • Try picking up marbles/pens with your feet, perform heel raises, and strengthen the hips using various styles of exercises
  • Less than ideal posture
    • Try standing in an upright position by starting at your feet. Think of planting your feet and “screwing” the feet into the ground outwards and then bring your knees apart. These simple positions will help bring your femur (thigh bone) into your hip socket for better alignment.
  • Decreased proprioception (AKA less than ideal balance)
    • Try various balance exercises on various surfaces but make sure there is a sturdy place to hold onto if you feel a little off balance. You could also try kinesiotape to help “wake up” the nerves on the bottom of your feet.