Life at the Basic Level…. Survival

This past week I witnessed and experienced first hand to see how the body can be amazing, and frightening, all at the same time. If we want to get down to the very basic level of the human body’s experience… our only “job” is to survive. I know that sounds cynical and dismissive of the happiness that does come from living, however, if we want to examine life at the most fundamental level, it is all about survival. This past week, my partner had serious medical concerns that were scary mostly due to the unknown. These concerns were slowly building and then the dam broke. I immediately went into fix it mode to try to make the situation less stressful on both of us and for my partner to take some time to let him recover. After some reflection, I was reminded, yet again, that the body and mind are so strong; without the medical concerns popping up and letting my partner know that something was wrong, the problems could have continued to get worse. His body has been talking to him for quite some time.. the headache that seems to come on around 2 PM, the back pain that comes on in the evening when trying to relax, the restless nights with lack of sleep….then finally his body went into hyperdrive and said I need you to take care of me now. At first, it would be easy for us to be so mad at our body for “failing” us. But what if instead of thinking that the body is “failing”, we actually thank our body for clearly communicating it’s needs so that we can attempt to achieve some balance again. Now, I am by no means perfect at this concept, I frequently struggle with understanding why my body decides to present differently every day despite my best efforts to keep my body in some form of balance. I am happy to report that we are on the other side of this situation and have a great plan for my partner to move forward. There is going to be a lot of ups and downs. As I’ve mentioned before, healing is messy and exhausting at times.

Ok, so now that we are past the tough part of the newsletter, I wanted to share a few techniques to help you if you ever feel overwhelmed or stressed or having troubles with worry/anxiety. The first option is jiggling/shaking and the second option is tapping. Check out the videos below!