Obesity in America- It’s More Complicated Than You Think

Join Dr. Sara Nelson and Dr. Chrissy Rankin talk about a hard topic that is facing many Americans at time time. Tackling the obesity epidemic is more than just calories in versus calories out. Listen to the episode and let us know what you think!

❤️New level of sickness during pandemic

❤️Stats from CDC regarding obesity and metabolic health

❤️How did the pandemic contribute to rising rates of obesity

❤️Prevention opportunities limited due to reduced in person visits

❤️All deaths increased since pandemic

❤️Poor food sources in America (more than just what is in the grocery stores)

❤️Livening up vegetables… it’s ok to use appropriate oils

❤️Dealing with our problems by distraction and substances and not getting the appropriate help

❤️Fear, emotions, word choice, and addiction

❤️Caring for the global population and our personal families

❤️Awakening of setting boundaries within our families

❤️Obesity is a symptom so we have to find the underlying cause

❤️Health literacy is an important skill to master

❤️Primal nervous system doesn’t like change

❤️Basic marketing skills being used to promote health literacy and physical therapy is where that can be promoted by building skills, acquiring tools, and developing routines

❤️Solutions to address obesity (mental health, physical health, right use of energy, community support)

❤️How the pandemic has shaped policies and what is missing (thanks Todd Stone for the eat the vegetable and take a walk quote)

❤️Being active and understanding nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated (limit multiple, big changes)

❤️BMI as a population trend versus individual stats versus metabolic health

❤️Why dieting hasn’t worked for many people (using food for mental health, labeling food good versus bad, not able to stop yourself when you get the “bad” food, perfectionism, guilt and shame)

❤️Making choices that feels good and adding instead of restricting (thank you Christi Brown)

❤️Understanding your hunger cues and learning how to address emotions in order to make sustainable changes

❤️Importance of sleep

❤️Eat good food, get your sleep, and use energy wisely to make the world a better place