Options and Education for Labor and Childbirth

Join us for another episode where we talk about labor and childbirth. Topics included are:

  • Why choose a doula
  • Fear of childbirth is engrained into our culture
  • Why home births are on the rise
  • History of midwifery
  • Physically preparing for birth
  • Letting the body do it’s job to limit cascade of medical intervention
  • Ask your provider the c-section rate at the place you are giving birth
  • When to get an epidural
  • Choosing the right place to give birth based on your risk level and support level needed
  • Being vulnerable during childbirth and making childbirth setting like conception
  • The book Birthing from Within 
  • Making environment to help improve nervous system
  • What are we trying to keep safe from… pain, setting?
  • Positions to give birth in
  • Denying cervical checks
  • Numbing self from pain which can have risks
  • Having a support system for your birth
  • How malpractice insurance for providers can determine your childbirth experience