Our Ayurvedic Journeys: Personal Insights from Dr. Sara and Dr. Shona

Happy episode 34! In this episode, Dr. Chrissy moderated a Q&A with Dr. Sara and Dr. Shona about their journeys with Ayurveda. Questions discussed are:

❤️What drew you to Ayurveda in the beginning?

❤️What paradigm shifts have you noticed about the world and yourself?

❤️What dysfunctional patterns have you noticed in your life and the world that Ayurveda has brought to light?

❤️Does our modern was of life make Ayurveda possible?

❤️Can you contrast how Western culture is obsessed with the perception that thinness equals health with Ayurveda’s challenge for us to be present and make choices that is best for our bodies?

Join Dr. Sara this Saturday, February 11, at 1 PM PST either at the clinic or on Zoom to answer all of your questions about Ayurveda! Click the link in our bio for the Zoom link.

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