Playground Fitness

Hello Everyone! Sarah Eldrige, DPT here. It can be hard for all of us to make time for exercise. For me it has become harder since becoming a mom; currently mom of Isabelle 5 and Declan 3. I also know the tremendous benefit of regular physical activity so as much as possible I incorporate exercise into my day. For example, every time I do a load of laundry I do 10 squats holding the jug of detergent, or when I brush my teeth I do so standing on one leg. You get the idea. With the beginning of our nice spring weather the kids and I have returned to the playground and what a great place to fit in some exercise while watching the kids play! Below are a few of my favorite stretches/exercises to perform while at a park with your kids, in your backyard, or while out for a walk.


You should not have any pain with these exercises! Please email us back if you have any questions or want any further explanation of these exercises. We would love for you to share any exercise/stretches you like to perform while you are at the park or out in the yard, so send them our way!