Re-Introduction of the Person Behind the Newsletter

Since this newsletter family has grown recently, I wanted to re-introduce myself… the person on the other side of this newsletter. My name is Dr. Christina Rankin and I go by Christina or Chrissy. I talk a lot about my personal life on here, it is kind of like my diary, and I wanted to make sure you knew who was in your inbox every other Monday. Just a little background about me. I grew up in Ohio (Go Buckeyes!) and moved down to Florida for grad school. I lived there for 5 years and then moved up to Washington to work at Therapy Solutions.

Growing up, I played many sports and I continue to enjoy sports in a variety of ways. I also enjoy music, traveling, and cooking. Most of you know that I was recently married (I heard there was some confusion about others thinking Sara had recently been married ha) and I have two dogs (Kobe and Ari) with my husband!

Dr. Sara Nelson (the owner of Therapy Solutions) has graciously allowed me to write the newsletter this whole time and it continues to be something I really enjoy. Thank you for being a part of the Therapy Solutions family! We continue to need human connection more than ever.