Recovering Perfectionist and People Pleaser

Thank you for no one calling me out last week when I sent out the newsletter on a Monday and the subject line was “Happy Hump Day” 🤦‍♀️. As a recovery perfectionist/people pleaser with sufficient paralysis by analysis, making that kind of mistake, no matter how small, can give me so much doubt and worry. I know you all truly don’t care that I made that mistake… in the scheme of things it is fairly small and I know you all like the newsletter for the content inside, however, in my mind it gave me pause long enough to second guess myself. In the end, it is just a fairly simple way for me to reflect on my mental health and to take inventory on where I need to focus my healing efforts. Another aspect that I have learned from this experience is how always trying to make things perfect before sending it out to the world is the easiest way to “not do the thing”. It’s amazing how we put these hypothetical limits on ourselves in fear of what others might think or subconsciously we may think we aren’t deserving of any progress that could come from ‘doing the thing”.