Reflection on Healing

I was recently reflecting on my healing process lately and how difficult it is to manage… and I assume that many of you totally understand this same sentiment. It’s interesting how we tend to have two camps talking to us about our healing. One says keep going and put yourself first in order to keep your cup full… The other camp tends to give microaggressions and ill-feelings towards your healing. Unfortunately, we tend to harp more on the camp that gives us these microaggressions, not on the camp who is rooting in our corner, and this can lead us down a path of self-neglect and doubt. Yesterday, I saw an Instagram post from The Holistic Psychologist that said “Harsh truth: your healing will bring out the emotional immaturity of others”….. let that sink in for a bit. What a bold statement. What I like about that statement the most is that it allows some freedom, grace, and compassion for others around you. Instead of being upset that others aren’t supporting you, maybe they don’t have the tools or education that you do regarding their own healing process. We can’t fault others for not knowing what they don’t know and unfortunately, when they are addressed with this lack of knowledge, it can lead to insecurity and shame. Hold space for them, as much as you can give, reflect on how it affects you, and communicate those feelings… maybe it will help spark their own healing journeys.