Script of Your Life Part 1

Happy Episode 20! Sara, Shona, and Chrissy candidly talk about writing the script of our lives. The conversation goes into many different directions and some are pretty heavy hitting topics. Topics include:

✅The inspiration behind this topic, Conchita Wurst!

✅What Chrissy is seeing in the competitive sports world (**CORRECTION, the drop out rate for girls in sports is less than what Chrissy stated, here are the stats from The Women’s Sports Foundation and

✅Shona’s experiences with sports psychology and dance

✅Finding ways to limit combining self-worth and productivity

✅Sara’s template for the script of her life

✅Horrendous experiences of our past continue to dictate our culture today

✅Katie McGee at B3 Physical Therapy (

✅Oppressed people seem to be the ones fighting for equity and equality

✅Inter-weavings of religion and gender norms

✅How the “codes we are living by” currently and fear are creating dis-ease in our lives

✅Our feelings surrounding the current laws being created to decrease access to health care for pregnant people

✅Lets write a script for our life with kindness, respect, and compassion

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