Self-Compassion and Shoulder Pain

I hope this finds you happy and healthy. And if you aren’t… that’s ok. As you can see, this newsletter usually is sent to your inbox Monday morning before 9 AM. Well, yesterday was not going to happen for me. At first, I felt disappointed in myself that I just didn’t have the capacity to write up our weekly newsletter. But then I gave myself some compassion and realized that I had enough self-awareness about my own body and mind’s capacity that I was able to set a boundary to make sure I was taking care of myself. If we don’t take care of ourselves then we wouldn’t be able to take care of eachother!

Many people have shoulder issues for various reasons. There could be bone spurs, rotator cuff tears, and impingement that can lead to lack of range of motion, pain, and weakness. But the shoulder girdle (humerus (arm bone), shoulder blade, thoracic spine, and collar bone) is a very complex structure and there are always other factors at play besides the imaging findings. Check out this video to see what other exercises you could be doing for shoulder health.

This is a higher level video, however, all exercises can be performed in a chair.
Make sure to have the shoulder blade (scapula) performing the movement and not the arm/wrist
Can also do this in sitting or standing but laying down allows for less compensation somewhere else