The Emerging Mother Online Program

I am very proud and excited to share that I am FINISHED with a project I have been working on for almost a whole year. This project has been a learning experience and one that I have been trying to perfect for a long time. At times, my paralysis by analysis took over, extending the deadline each time I had my internal doubts. Thankfully, the finish line is here!

This project is for anyone who is currently pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant. You can purchase the entire program or you can purchase each trimester.

⭐️The entire program is $75 and you will receive an email once a week for 27 weeks.

⭐️ Each trimester is $30 and you will received an email once a week for 8-10 weeks depending on the trimester you choose.

​🥰These programs not only take you through exercise modifications during pregnancy to improve your quality of life and safety, the programs also educate you on the common changes that happen during pregnancy, suggested nutritional advice, resources for families, and many educational videos to help you prepare for childbirth.

​The part that makes me the most excited is the collection of interviews from various women ranging from medical practitioners, birth supporters, personal trainers, and regular, everyday people. I don’t think I have seen any prenatal program that includes these types of interviews to improve your understanding and connection from people who are vulnerable and honest with their experiences.