The Energetic Core

Join us for our 7th episode!! This week we are discussing the energetic core. Make sure to check out the previous episode where we talk about the anatomy and function of the core: Topics today include:

🌸Layers of the core beyond physical (chakras, doshas, emotions, and thought patterns)

🌸Autonomic nervous system involvement

🌸Emotional aspects and past experiences can hinder physical components of the core

🌸It’s not just the emotional aspects as well… climate, meds, work habits, agriculture, culture

🌸Gut is the second brain

🌸Proper use of emotions can help relax or activate the core

🌸Using Ayurveda in conjunction with current medical model 

🌸Finding balance in all things

🌸Brain protects us from deeper emotions and it can manifest as physical symptoms

🌸Recommend proper counseling along with going to physical therapy

🌸Creating a safe environment to start the healing process

🌸Our conditioning growing up can affect the attitudes about our core/pelvis which can translate to sexual changes (how do we harness sexual energy well?)

🌸The core is the center of many energetic belief systems where we want big power AND freedom

🌸Kapha constitution is a balanced dosha that can bring longevity

🌸Awareness of all systems working together and past experiences affecting exercise and physical activation

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