The Medical Paradigm

Happy Episode 19! Sara and Chrissy candidly talk about the medical paradigm where opposing forces can make critical thinking based decisions more difficult. They also discussed being open about our biases as medical providers to our patients and clients so we can give the best treatment options. Topics include:

⭐️The article that Sara read which inspired this conversation

⭐️What is up with Tamoxifen and part of the FDA’s process in determining when a medication is approved

⭐️The Spell of the Scentuous: Perception and Language in a More Than Human World by David Abrams

⭐️How emotionally charged words can reduce critical thinking

⭐️What is lipedema and how treatment options can be difficult to weed through

⭐️Healthy at Every Size by Dr. Linda Bacon, PhD

⭐️How our biases and experiences as medical providers create our preference for treatment

⭐️Shadow side of Aryuveda

⭐️Giving light touch to our body is more effective than deep tissue in most cases

⭐️How does our medical paradigm affect pelvic organ prolapse treatments

⭐️Biases concerning self-care and change

⭐️Has medicine become lazy?

⭐️Chrissy’s struggle with validation that is a work in progress

⭐️Insurance companies are dictating medical care which limits access to all

⭐️Systematic problems affect access as well

⭐️Good medical care starts with honest conversations and knowing your boundaries

⭐️These concepts go beyond the medical world

⭐️Promotion of body confidence

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