Time For Connection

We hope to find you healthy and safe during these crazy times! Despite the importance of physical distancing for the overall health of our world, we are now witnessing the importance of social connection that is required to improve our own personal health and wellbeing.

Social connection, whether it be from video conferencing, phone calls, or talking to your neighbors with a fence separating you, allows for our brains to grow, our hormones to fire, our nervous sytem to engage, and our hearts to pump. Despite the importance of social connection, this is also a time where stress is high, anxiety is creeping in, and vulnerability feels like a brick on your chest which would entice you to limit connection.

We encourage you to reach out to people you haven’t talked to in a while, send a post card to loved ones, or participate in a virtual dance party (have you seen https://www.instagram.com/mkik808/)! You can also reply to this email or send a message through Facebook or Instagram if you feel like you need a little pep talk. Therapy Solutions has been here for you for over 20 years and we aren’t going to stop helping our community now!