Trying to Sleep While in Pain

Here it is, episode 15! Today, Dr. Sara and Dr. Chrissy continue our discussion regarding optimal sleep and pain. There are pretty heavy hitting topics in this episode, even in the first 5 minutes, so please be mindful while listening. Specific topics discussed are:

😴How stressful trying to sleep while in pain can be (even to the point of dying by suicide)

😴The health care system isn’t set up for optimal health for many reasons and we are all doing our best to navigate it

😴Don’t be afraid to experiment and find the best team that can help you live a more optimal life

😴Sleep, pain, and mental health

😴Simple steps to help get out of pain when trying to sleep

😴Do pillows and mattresses matter?

😴Sleeping is a posture too

😴Using self-love in the moment to get to sleep

😴Pain is subjective and it’s not just physical (it’s in the brain too)

😴Are you distracting yourself from your pain during the day but are totally aware of it at night?

😴Moving at the pace of grace

😴What is your directional preference for sleeping?

😴Sleeping when pregnant while in pain

😴Pain, sleeping, medications, addiction

😴Advocacy for patients and physical therapy

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