Unlearning Validation and Accepting Change

I hope everyone had a great weekend! So last week I had challenged you all to try something out of your comfort zone to see how you respond and grow. For myself, I had a review completed by the owner of the gym that I attend and where I coach fitness classes. I am very confident in my job at the clinic and on the softball field when coaching my girls. But when it comes to teaching fitness classes and managing a group of adults, I tend to get really small. It was difficult for me to try not to validate or give an excuse to “defend” my decisions as a coach during an hour long session (it’s the people pleaser in me) but I really appreciated the insight that I received from the owner because it will make me a better coach and leader in larger groups. I am also proud of myself for not giving in to my need for validation from others to make me feel worthy… that has taken a long time to unlearn that I don’t have to constantly have my actions approved by others.