What Do You Choose… Self Neglect or Self Compassion

“Handle everything you encounter with the mind of a parent.” – Dogen​

​How do you talk to your body? “I hate my painful knee!”…“I love my painful knee!” or do you ignore it?​

​You have a choice between hate, neglect or love, compassion. Think about how you respond to crying baby. If babies feel scared, neglect, or hate they tend to cry more. If babies feel love, care, and compassion they may cry less (I know many parents will respond saying that it’s not that simple, just trying to make an analogy here). Same thing goes for your own body! ♥️Love transforms pain ⚡️. Pain is your body asking for attention and care. Start with noticing how you talk to your body. Can you say “I love you body?” Then try something to help make it feel better whether it be rest, ice, heat, self massage, epsom salt bath, compression, certain exercises, etc.