What I Learned From Teens Girls Part 3

So this weekend was the first full tournament of the season for the softball team I coach. As always, I learned so much from my players… more than they will ever realize I’m sure. So here is another quick list of what I learned and what I was reminded of this weekend:

  • Preparation is key for success
  • Losing mental focus during a task can create more difficulties than physical errors
  • Clear and concise communication is required from all parties, especially if you are the leader
  • If someone doesn’t think you believe in them, they will shut down immediately
  • Life doesn’t always have to be so serious (taking silly pictures is a must)
  • You can demand respect from others as long as you give respect
  • It’s hard for anyone to admit they made a mistake but if you create an environment where people are freely able to own their mistake, you will receive more buy in to the common goal