What is Mental Fortitude? Part 1

Happy Episode 17! This is a tough one but so so necessary. Drs. Sara, Chrissy, and Shona take a deep dive into defining what is mental fortitude and how we can begin the process to achieve change. Due to the seriousness of this topic, cute baby noises were left in the audio to remind ourselves of happy times 😌.

What is mental fortitude?

Change is hard… like really hard

Shadow side of mental fortitude

Is our lifestyle sustainable?

Coming to terms with the gruesome reality of war… and not just in Ukraine

Our nervous system is being changed with constant stimulation

How giving birth is a way to train our mental fortitude (Shona gives her personal experiences and they are intense)

Trying to stay present with controlled exposure helps build mental fortitude

Chrissy’s experiences with weight lifting and learning how to manage our lives during tough situations

Here we go again talking about the resiliency of the nervous system 🤣

How each of us have improved our mental fortitude

Coming to terms with change that is scary

Sara’s morning ritual that helps her start her day

Summarizing our thoughts… and then some

Staying present by using our breath, giving up control, and accepting change

Gordy chimes in with his thoughts 😍

The work to center ourselves will never end… we always have to keep working

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