What is Mental Fortitude? Part 2

Happy Episode 18! Sara, Shona, and Chrissy come together again to dive deeper into mental fortitude and talk about their own experiences where having mental toughness was the only thing that was keeping them going. Gordie’s babble is still left in the recording for happy baby coos 😍.

🧠The first few minutes are just our normal banter before recording haha (along with some Aryuverdic suggestions for Shona)

🧠When was the first time your body didn’t do what was expected?

🧠Have you had coaches or teachers who always encouraged pushing through pain without regard to the future?

🧠We need to get better at addressing small “inconveniences” before they become worse

🧠Learning how to grieve when our body is not where we want it to be or when we have a change in our life

🧠Re-evaluating our circumstances to insure what we are asking of our body is appropriate… and can we learn to love our body when it is “failing” us

🧠What is the color, shape, texture of your pain? Let’s use our five senses.

🧠Pain and tissue damage are connected during the acute injury phase, however, pain and tissue damage usually isn’t connected in a chronic capacity

🧠Learning how to take care of our body when our normal is no longer our normal

🧠Trying to find the balance between rest, eating, and movement… it can take a lot of effort

🧠Simple changes add up to meaningful change

🧠Chrissy is vulnerable with her recent struggles

🧠Rest is an act of rebellion

🧠Cycles of hard work then crashing

🧠Ways to simplify your life and finding gratitude in our daily tasks

🧠Change gives us a chance to re-evaluate our life

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