Your Pelvic Floor and the Holidays

We have reached our 10th episode! We are so excited to continue the podcast and be able to connect with others on a deeper level than just sending emails or writing Instagram posts. This week, Dr. Sara Nelson and Dr. Chrissy Clark use the holidays as a metaphor to discuss the pelvic floor and symptoms associated with dysfunction. 

⭐️Know what you have to work with

❤️Anatomy and function of the pelvic floor is like a wrapped present

❤️These muscles are hidden but hold a lot of emotions, functions, and experiences that are highlighted during the holidays (TW: abuse and medical trauma are discussed)

❤️Empowering people to use boundaries both in medicine and personal lives

⭐️Pelvic floor muscles work with others to get the job done

❤️Other muscles surrounding the pelvis help the PFM function optimally

❤️Stronger contraction from other muscles helps the PFM meet that contraction

❤️Importance of max contraction and loading the body appropriately to make a change and support the muscles as a synergistic system

❤️Specific trunk and hip specific muscles that help the PF and pelvis

❤️Diaphragm and pelvic floor have involuntary reactions based on fight or flight which increases during the holidays

❤️Need everyone to work together to reduce injury and improve function

⭐️Pelvic floor muscles get better results when they can relax 

❤️Worry leads to tension and fatigue which makes it harder to get things done

❤️Bicep analogy (full contraction/relaxation for optimal function)

❤️Contraction= Active component of squeeze and lift to maintain continence and organ positioning

❤️Relaxation= Active component of lengthening to eliminate urine and stool more effectively and to reduce pain

❤️Relaxation= Maintaining low tone as a baseline to be able to support organs and stabilize pelvis

❤️Gripping versus tone

❤️Extra self-care is important and there may be push back (you know what your soul needs)

❤️Building skills for life-long use

❤️Shout out to The Yoga Community!

❤️Difference between an active/conscious relaxation and bulging of tissues

⭐️Pelvic floor muscles aren’t just about strength but coordination too

❤️Healing is not linear (can have flare ups during the holidays)

❤️Powering through is exhausting then the coordination is lost

❤️Balance is key when demand is increased

❤️Shame cycles reflect in our pelvic floor

❤️Know your boundaries