Interview with Katie McGee 🌈

Happy Episode 21 and happy Pride Month! Sara, Shona, and Chrissy interviewed Katie McGee, owner of B3 Physical Therapy in Seattle. Thank you Katie for talking with us and sharing your story! Below are the topics that were discussed

❤️Tell us about your practice

-Katie McGee, pelvic floor physical therapist with they/them pronouns

-Focuses on the needs within the LGBTQIA+ population especially concerning trans and non-binary people going through pregnancy

❤️What did you name your practice and why did you choose it?

-B3 Physical Therapy

-The 3 B’s stand for belly’s, bottoms, and backs

❤️What are the unique needs of the population you have focused on?

-Trauma-informed care

-Body dysphoria

-Creating safety by understanding their experiences

-Intake forms are gender inclusive and optional

-Informed consent is very important

❤️How is PT a vital service for your chosen population?

-Confirming people’s preferences and experiences

-Gateway to other services

-Peri-natal mental health class

❤️What have you learned from working with this population?

-Cultural humility

-Ways to give gender affirming care

-Lack of surgeons/medical care and follow up available

❤️Upcoming trends in your line of practice?/Where do you see pelvic heath PT going?

-Children within the LGBTQIA+ population

-Access to hormones in trans population and early signs of aging

-Surgery sooner in life

❤️What’s the one thing you would want the public to know about pelvic heath in general?

-There is specialized care for trans people

-Access to care can be nationwide

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